Artificial General Intelligence


What's AGI (or some sense of "general" intelligence)?


Pieter Abbeel

Andrey Karpathy

Pei Wang

Eric Jang

Jeff Dean

George Hotz

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David Deutsch

Any ability based on guessing must include means of correcting one’s guesses, since most guesses will be wrong at first. (There are always many more ways of being wrong than right.) Bayesian updating is inadequate, because it cannot generate novel guesses about the purpose of an action, only fine-tune—or, at best, choose among—existing ones. Creativity is needed. As the philosopher Karl Popper explained, creative criticism, interleaved with creative conjecture, is how humans learn one another’s behaviors, including language, and extract meaning from one another’s utterances.2 Those are also the processes by which all new knowledge is created: They are how we innovate, make progress, and create abstract


Eric Beaulieu

Carl's contact. Modeled flies' visual cortex. Has a 10 years plan to AGI:

Josh Tenenbaum