Hi, I'm Vilson Vieira, a Software and Machine Learning Researcher, artist and open source enthusiast who has being developing for Google, Mozilla, The Grid, ExAI and most recently for Anything World. I'm a BSc. in Computer Science and MSc. in Computational and Applied Physics by University of São Paulo (USP) advised by profs. Gonzalo Travieso and Luciano da Fontoura Costa.

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Open Source Projects


Implementation of Karpathy's micrograd in Mojo 🔥. A reverse-mode autodiff library with a PyTorch-like API.


Small Mojo 🔥 and Python library for creative coding powered by Cairo.

Generative Monster

A fully autonomous AI artist based on LangChain (GPT) and Stable Diffusion models that tweets its creations daily on @generativemnstr.

Canary Component

A React component for interactive 3D visualization of Kusama blockchain nodes (Sponsored by Kusama).


Bower component and easy-to-use wrapper to KLayJS, making it possible to use KLayJS as a Web Worker on modern browsers.


A dataflow programming environment for Web art by Forrest Oliphant.


C++ implementation of SLIC for paper "Saliency Detection via Graph-Based Manifold Ranking" by Chuan Yang et al.


Developed some components libraries (ie noflo-canvas, noflo-image) for this dataflow programming library by Henri Bergius.


One of the first domain specific languages for livecoding using Web Audio API. Presented on workshops and festivals on Brazil.


A just-for-fun GIF-based VJ web tool.

Viz Paintings

Interactive 3D visualization of paintings for A quantitative approach to painting syles paper (see below).

Code Poems

The code poem Rising was selected to be published on this amazing project by Ishac Bertran.


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