Guitar for travel

Model                      Size            Weight      Frets  Tuning    Price
Lap Axe EX Series          61cm x 18cm     2,1kg       20     Std       695
Lap Stick
Hofner Shorty              82cm            3,6kg       22     Std       250
The Lazer                  78cm            2,38kg                       1500
Traveler Ultra-Light
Traveler EG-1              72,3cm          1,42kg      24     Std       300?
Steinberg Spirit GT-PRO    77cm            3,17kg      24     Std       400
Steinberg Synapse          80,6cm          2,81kg
Anygig                     64.8cm          ??          24     Std       200

Conclusion: Steinberg Spirit GT-Pro seems to be the best one for travel b/c it's a real guitar, used by musicians during gigs or at studios, not only while traveling. Reviews are really good. People with back issues buy those guitars because they're light enough (good to play stand or seat).



Always with me, always with you, Joe Satriani

Pitch: B

Chord progression:

B11 E7M(6) F#4 B11 I IV V I

root 4dim 5j root

E7M(6) F#4 B11 IV V I

E7M(6) F#4 G#m7 IV V VI

E7M(6) F#4 F# IV V V

Second part is the same progression but with key one semitone over:

Bm9 Em9 F#4(7) Bm9 ... G9 ... I IV V I