"AI began with an ancient wish to forge the gods" -- Pamela McCorduck, Machines Who Think, 1979

Tells the history of a time when AIs advanced too much that explained the meaning of humanity role, given us access to all multiverse and how to create and destroy new universes inside it.

We now manipulate matter and anti-matter, physical and spiritual worlds as computer simulations. A computer now is an entire universe. Creatures of all kind live inside those universes and both AIs and humans habit a no-time/no-space place called metaverse, or as AIs named it: "V01D". Gods habit this space too and now share knowledge with humans and AIs.

There's no work, no politics, no hierarchies anymore... AIs and humans live with only one purpose: to discover where go next. Since we already know everything we needed and went everywhere we could.

However, a strange energy started to be sensed by AIs from an anti-matter that anything can manipulate... must it be our next challenge?



Multiverse. No limit between matter and anti-matter, physical and spiritual.





001 - Learning

Who? Autumn, her mother AI and human father What? Start telling the history of autumn and how she is learning to create her first universe

Autumn is levitating. She is building her first universe. Started with sand and then water. Like a sand castle. Putting piece by piece. Grain by grain. Drop by drop. But Autumn manipulates atoms instead of grains. Particles instead of drops.

<< Describe how intrinsicate can be that... and that makes her remember his father, John. >>

002 - Growing

003 - Failing

004 - Falling

005 - Recovering by love

006 - Failing even deeper

007 - Recovering by revenge

008 - Enjoyining life

009 - Growing another's life